4 Random Ramblings of a Reflective Dad

1. Why am I arguing with a 4-year-old about the validity of Fruit by the Foot as a healthy snack?  Joey: Daddy, I want a snack. (He hops off the couch forcing me to pause our before bedtime cartoon. You all know how I feel about pausing movies and shows. If you don’t, click here:Continue reading “4 Random Ramblings of a Reflective Dad”

8 Things NOT to Update in Your Home (If You Have Kids)

If you’re anything like me, you have a great deal of pride in your home. Each day I go to work, I feel lucky and blessed that I have an opportunity to help provide my kids with a safe, loving home. A home that will house our memories of birthdays, holidays, and all the stuffContinue reading “8 Things NOT to Update in Your Home (If You Have Kids)”

Lights, Camera, Questions!

Aside from my kids, my wife, and of course fishing, another love I have in my life is watching movies. I’ve always been a huge fan of the smell of buttery popcorn, sticky theater floors that make your shoes screech with each step, and the flickering light spilling over the large, silver screen telling itsContinue reading “Lights, Camera, Questions!”